We are a core “Surf” company that aims to be much more than that. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services, but more than that we hope to create a home for everyone to enjoy and gain positive experiences with us.

We encourage people to hang out after a surf, use our free wifi and drink coffee while you hang out with us. We are excited to create a vibe and a community that is real, honest and comfortable as an escape from the chaos of real life.

But what do we do? Let’s go through the list. We offer a range of custom and stock surfboards from one of the best shapers and designers in the world. We have test centers for you to try our boards, surfboard / SUP rentals, board repairs, high quality apparel and accessories. We have surf coaching for all levels, we can film / photograph your surfs from the land or air depending on weather, we have shaping workshops or you can shape your own board. And of course we have free wifi and surf videos during open hours and the occasional movie night.


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For any skill level, beginner to pro, we have a coach for you
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Shaping Workshops

Learn to shape or shape your own board

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